200+ best biology research topics for college students

200+ best biology research topics for college students

Biology research assignments are technical and daunting. It is common for students to experience challenges while writing them. Fascinating biology research topics need to be attention-grabbing, engaging, and academically appropriate. A great topic sets the foundation of a scientific argument that contributes valuable knowledge to science.

This article contains more than 200 great research topics on biology that will help you in your research. You do not need to pick a topic and write on it, but rather you can use it to build your idea.

How to write a biology research paper

If you are reading this, you probably are searching for the importance of having a good writing strategy for your biology paper. Before writing your research paper, plan properly and have a strategic reflection on your work. This will enable you to write quality work and save time while writing your paper.

Since biology is a science, there are two ways to write your scientific paper. Universal and individual scientific methods:

  1. Universal scientific methods

A universal type research paper has the following characteristics:

  1. Modeling – a technique when a certain viewpoint of an objective is presented, the scientists gather evidence to back up their standpoint.
  2. Observation – research is conducted through observation and measurement of an objective. Data verification is obtained through experiment repetition and observation.
  • Experiment – a technique that provides solutions to a problem by providing numerical and observed results from experiments.
  1. Individual scientific methods

An individual type research paper is written through:

  1. Observing a natural phenomenon
  2. Making a hypothesis
  • For a true hypothesis, find more evidence to back it up
  1. For a false hypothesis, change your angle of research or create a new hypothesis
  2. Conclude your findings

Structure of a biology research paper

A good research paper aligns the writer’s thought process consistent with the objectives of the paper. Here is a simple guide to drafting your paper:

1. Title

The title of your paper should be a question or an introductory statement based on the topic of the paper. It should be clear and concise to the reader.

2. Abstract

This is a summary of the contents of your paper. The objective of the paper should be clearly defined in the abstract. The reader should have a vivid idea of what the paper entails and the results of the study.

3. Introduction

An opening discussion is a chance for the author to explain what the paper is trying to solve. The introduction may contain the thesis statement for the paper.

4. Methods

Methods describe how tests were carried out and the procedure of the experiment. The procedural steps should be directive, short, and clear.

5. Results

This section contains the results of the experiment or any calculated data findings. The results can be figure-based or observational.

6. Discussion

Discussion is an argument by the author on how the results affect or are relevant to the study. You may highlight the limitations of the study. Additionally, the author may also discuss their opinions and make recommendations.

7. Bibliography

This contains references to all cited works. It is an important part of your research paper as it depicts the originality of your work.

How to choose a topic for a biology research paper

Choosing a research topic is a daunting task for any student since you are expected to write about something new. At the same time, you are not expected to make any radical discovery, especially in the earlier years of your study. The following are simple strategies you can deploy to choose a compelling topic;

Choose a field of interest

To write a good research paper, explore your options on an area of biology you are interested in. Take time and think about what you are passionate about in your field of study and make that your starting point. Once you have browsed through your topic of interest, you should check on the available materials that will aid your research.

Make a research question

Creating a research question is the most challenging task compared to writing the paper. A good research question should be thought-provoking and with a certain objective. Your research question should attract readers to go through your paper even if they don’t know much about the subject.

Come up with research topic ideas

A good place to start is going through your course material for some inspiration. Alternatively, you may write down a list of interesting facts and concepts that you heard in class and see good topical ideas. Your mentor or instructor can also offer good advice on possible research proposal topics you should work on.

Create a thesis statement

A thesis statement acts as a ground statement for your biology research paper. It clearly defines your topic of research and the points that validate or invalidate your object of study.

What are some biology topics?

Biology is a wide field consisting of various sub-fields. If you are looking for a research paper to write on or a major biology option, here are a few modern and exciting options.

1. CRISPR and genetic engineering

CRISP is a search, pick, and paste function for editing DNA. This organizational sequence naturally occurs in bacteria and archaea.

2.  Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the study of how diseases spread in a population. This branch of biology offers a lot of avenues for exploration with recent epidemics such as Ebola and COVID-19.

3. Cancer biology

Cancer is an umbrella term for many diseases whose main characteristic is abnormal cell growth. With advanced research, the path to finding cures and eradication measures for certain types of cancer is on track.

4. Endangered species recovery

Many organisms, both big and microscopic, that keep the earth’s ecosystem running are going extinct. Working as a wildlife biologist to make conservation efforts more fruitful could be a very fulfilling path.

5. Astrobiology

This is the study of what and how life forms exist beyond earth in the cosmos. It is a relatively new field in biology open for exploration.

6. Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology studies the design of organisms to perform useful tasks. For example, you can study the production of medical-grade insulin through microorganism engineering.

7. Epigenetics

This is the study of the transfer of genes from one generation to the other. The stress our forefathers underwent affects us today through our genes.

History of Biology

Biology is the study of life. Ancient Greeks are the first explorers of the anatomy, physiology of living things and organisms. Enormous contributions were made in ecology, botany, zoology, and taxonomy through Theophrastus, a biological work by Aristotle.

Medicine became more prevalent in the middle ages. It is believed that Islamic scholars were the first to introduce medicinal science. The Neolithic revolution brought attention to ancient practices of animal husbandry and farming.

The modern and Renaissance periods greatly influenced the flourishing of Botany. Plants were considered to have incredible medicinal properties.

During the 19th century, new disciplines such as cytology, embryology, and bacteriology began to emerge. Learning about the history of biology brings you closer to understanding the evolution of science. Here are a few biology research topics that explore the history of the field.

  1. The history of vaccination: contributions by Edward Jenner
  2. The correlation between Darwin’s theory and biology
  3. Symbiosis in parasites
  4. Perspective on environmental safety: Rachel Carson’s approach
  5. The significance of archeology in animal biology
  6. The biological evolution of body infections
  7. Comparative genomics
  8. The dead branches of evolution
  9. Evaluation of the development of genetics over the last 100 years
  10. Contributions made by Antoine Van Leeuwenhoek towards biology

Genetic Researches Biology Topics

Genetic research studies human DNA to figure out what environmental factors and genes contribute to disease.

  1. The effect of cloning on medicine
  2. Does genetics influence obesity?
  3. Is depression genetically hereditary?
  4. Causes of genetic mutation
  5. Benefits of transgenic crops
  6. The effect of addictive substances on our genes
  7. Is there a possibility of DNA change beating aging?
  8. How safe are genetically modified foods?
  9. Ethical guidelines for transplantation
  10. Discuss the moral aspects of cloning
  11. What is the possibility of recovering dinosaur DNA?
  12. Explain why we don’t all look alike
  13. Is there a possibility of choosing the sex of a child before birth?
  14. What is the role of genetics in cancer research?
  15. Germ immunization
  16. What is the percentage accuracy of a genetic test?
  17. The human genome: who own right to them
  18. Discuss the ethics of organ transplantation
  19. Nucleic acid
  20. Diagnosis of the fetus: a genetic approach
  21. The advantages of research on biological dark matter
  22. What effects does genetics have on the behavior of investors?
  23. The influence of genetics on behavioral studies
  24. RNA information
  25. Can humans handle a bioethics revolution?

Easy Biology Research Topics

Biology is a broad and challenging subject. There are, however, easy topics that do not require advanced knowledge of the subject.

  1. Can addiction be classified as a disease?
  2. The domestication of wolves
  3. The function of hormones on the human body
  4. Can microbial factories solve raw material shortages?
  5. Discuss the foundational principles of human cloning
  6. What are the major causes of plant diseases?
  7. The effects of music on the brain
  8. The effects of drinking water on curbing sunburns on our skin
  9. The best cancer treatment options
  10. What are the biological effects of a miscarriage on a woman?
  11. What are the risks of a malfunctioning immune system?
  12. What is the resistance capacity of a human’s immune system?
  13. The properties cellular health has over mental health
  14. Explain the study of laparotomy
  15. What is the effect of BMI on injuries?

Biology research topics for high school

High school plays a critical foundation for biological concepts. It’s important for students who would like to pursue biology in higher education. Here are a few topics for study for high school students:

  1. What is the use of PCR?
  2. The mechanisms behind cloning in biotechnology
  3. What does natural selection mean?
  4. What is the function of enzymes?
  5. Describe the discovery of heredity by Gregor Mendel
  6. The cell structure of eukaryotes versus prokaryotes
  7. Discuss the flow of information through the nervous system
  8. What are the aspects of regulating population dynamics?
  9. Discuss the process of photosynthesis transforming CO2 into O2
  10. Explain the concept of the tree of life

Cellular biology research topics

This branch of biology studies the behavior, structure, and functions of cells. It is vastly interconnected with other branches of biology such as biochemistry and molecular genetics.

  1. Understanding diabetic complications through the cell and molecular biology
  2. Atherosclerosis: cell biology
  3. The study of regulatory mechanisms in stem cell biology
  4. Neurogenesis: cell biology
  5. Cell biology of the extracellular matrix
  6. Cell culture
  7. The process of cell division
  8. Cell differentiation and specialization

Plant biology research topics

Plant biology is also known as botany. It is the study of pant life. Plant biology is crucial in understanding ecosystems, agriculture, and the medicinal value of plants. The following are compelling topics in botany;

  1. Weedy and invasive plants
  2. The aspects and functions of photosynthesis
  3. The effects of fertilizer on plants
  4. Management of plant disease through modern technology
  5. Microbial evolution and ecology: literature review
  6. Modern genomic tools for plant research
  7. Genetics of plant evolution
  8. The resistance of natural disease in plants
  9. Plant growth: experimental control
  10. Microwave-assisted extraction
  11. Research on plant nutrition: meeting human needs

Environmental biology research topics

Environmental biology is a combination of evolution, ecology, environmental science, and global change. It seeks to understand how organisms are affected by altered and unaltered ecosystems.

  1. Environmental sustainability design
  2. The marine environment and sea bird ecology
  3. Aspects of human ecology: resources, population, and the environment
  4. The correlation between ecology and the aging process
  5. Environmental analysis and assessment: plants
  6. Prospects on green growth
  7. The relationship between ecology and the aging process
  8. A new ecology: risks, rewards, and modernity
  9. A study of human health: global diets
  10. Water quality parameters
  11. Ecology of aquatic mammals

Marine biology research topics

Marine biology is the study of life at sea. This science investigates the behavior and physiological processes of living organisms in a marine environment.

  1. Ocean management
  2. Pollution and toxicology in oceans
  3. Coastal aquaculture
  4. Analysis on metal buildup in marine invertebrates
  5. Marine microbiology
  6. An analytic study of marine ecosystems
  7. The significance of biotechnology in the study of marine life
  8. The science of fishery
  9. Discuss the most significant threats to natural marine biodiversity?
  10. Discuss the formation of corals
  11. The effect of military sonar on whales

Human biology research topics

Human biology examines humans through diverse disciplines such as anatomy, evolution, genetics, epidemiology, nutrition, socio-cultural influences, etc. Since humans are one of the most complex beings on earth, many factors affect or influence our survival.

  1. The control of behavior by the brain
  2. What controls muscle contraction?
  3. The structure and mechanisms of synapses
  4. A description of the structure of the skeletal muscle fiber
  5. What are the components of blood?
  6. What are the functions of the cerebral cortex?
  7. Discuss the history of the human population
  8. The respiratory system: functions
  9. Comparative analysis on current trends in nutrition
  10. The brain as a regulator of hormones and emotions

Developmental biology research topics

This is the study of how multicellular organisms mature and develop controlled by their genes. It seeks to understand normal and abnormal developmental patterns. An application of developmental biology in cancer research. Here are a few topics open for exploration.

  1. Discuss the causes of polycephaly
  2. Discuss the differentiation of stem cells
  3. Study the development of neurulation in fish
  4. What are the origins of the vertebrate body structure?
  5. Discuss the benefits of apoptosis
  6. How do homeotic genes influence the development of body structures?
  7. What is the cause of birds to be territorial?
  8. Discuss why men are more prone to colorblindness than women
  9. Discuss the correlation of age and susceptibility to cancer
  10. Describe phylogenetic niche conservatism

Interesting biology topics for presentation

interesting biology topics for presentation

To showcase decent work in your biology class to your instructor and peers needs extensive research. Here are a few available topics thought would be interesting presentation options:

  1. An overview of the molecular biology of the gene
  2. The adaptation of humans to fire: fire ecology
  3. Can microbes be used to eliminate pollution?
  4. What procedures are illegal in genetic legislation?
  5. How does the human brain process speech?
  6. The correlation of gender issues and the hormone system
  7. The triggers of genetic mutation
  8. Discuss recent achievements in vascular surgery
  9. What observations are made when an egg is dipped in vinegar for a long time?
  10. What are the main causes of extinction?
  11. Beneficial and harmful mutations
  12. Chemiluminescence
  13. Classification of antibiotics
  14. Deep-water organisms: survival and growth
  15. Modern breeding techniques

Interesting Biology research topics for project

Engaging in a biology project can be a very fulfilling or frustrating experience. A good project is marked by an initial pick of a relevant and stimulating topic open for exploration. Here are a few examples:

  1. Discuss the limits of organ transplantation
  2. Discuss aspect of abortion from a biological perspective
  3. What is the significance of cell structure in anti-body resistance?
  4. How is the immune system affected by stress?
  5. Effect of electric current on plant cells
  6. What is the influence of human body hormones on depression levels?
  7. Describe different types of cloning in existence
  8. Measuring carbon-dioxide accumulation in a room and determining ventilation
  9. Evaluation of resistance capacity of the human immune system among different populations
  10. Analysis of the correlation between telomerase and cancer
  11. The effect of sleep and wake-up cycles on learning
  12. Impact of phytoncides on food products
  13. Analyze how the human brain is affected by music
  14. Aspects of cell tissue engineering
  15. Human attention and memory: the effects of noise and music

Biology topics for high school

Many students enjoy taking biology classes in high school. For your high school biology research homework assignment ideas, here are a few topics open for exploration.

  1. Describe the phenomenon of sleep
  2. Critical analysis on the possible extinction of bees
  3. Why would rainforest extinction be catastrophic to the earth’s ecosystem?
  4. Is it possible for the brain to repair itself?
  5. Describe various camouflage techniques by sea animals
  6. How is body metabolism affected by physical activity?
  7. Discuss the influence of bacteria on depression

Biology research topics for college students

You may require help choosing a topic for your biology research assignment. Here are a few popular prompts;

  1. Techniques of gene mapping and cloning
  2. A literature review on the risks posed by infertility
  3. What effect does drinking have on embryonic development
  4. Analyze the negative effects of the oligogenic disease
  5. Explain the danger hereditary diseases pose to future generations
  6. What are the main causes of down syndrome?
  7. Analyze brain activity in the event of a seizure
  8. Analytic approach on the significance of probiotics in curing infections
  9. Discuss the effect of aging on infertility
  10. Describe pigments in a plant cell
  11. How do tumor suppressor genes appear?
  12. Describe the formation and preservation of memories in the human brain
  13. Analysis of primate language

Topics related to biology

These are interdisciplinary topics that involve biology and any other field of science or social science. Here are a few examples of topics.

  1. Cause and prevention of muscular cramps
  2. Techniques and detection of breast cancer
  3. Laser spectroscopy
  4. A vaccine for COVID-19 – microchip implantation
  5. An analysis of the process of natural decomposition
  6. Protein folding and self-assembly
  7. Quantitative analysis of protein levels in organisms

Biology research proposal topics

The most difficult aspect of coming up with good research topics is due to the technicality of the subject. However, with proper research, you can come up with a good biology proposal topic for your research paper. Here are a few examples.

  1. Understanding protein increase
  2. Advanced wound healing methods
  3. The ecological effect of quarry restoration projects
  4. Liver tissue: stem-cell engineering
  5. Making coral reefs more resilient
  6. The effect of sea-level rise on mangrove
  7. Can diet curb diabetes?
  8. Do plants communicate?
  9. Analysis of the effect of caffeine on cell growth
  10. Using monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy
  11. Drawbacks of lunar agriculture
  12. The effect of diet on attaining cancer remission
  13. Investigate the effect of magnetic fields on living organisms

Biology topics for research paper

The first step to earning a good grade in a research paper is choosing the right topic. Here are a few contemporary and exciting biology topics open for research:

  1. Discuss the biological causes of food intolerance
  2. Support or refute evidence of homosexuality among other species
  3. The benefits and disadvantages of a paleo diet
  4. Comparative analysis: are humans frugivores or omnivores?
  5. Describe the adaptations of humans to walk on two legs
  6. Describe the effect of persistent narcotic use on mental health
  7. Discuss the functioning of the body while in a coma
  8. What are the causes and treatment measures of hemophilia?
  9. Compare and contrast a bacterial infection versus a viral infection
  10. How is the endocrine system affected by anabolic steroids?
  11. Discuss reasons a body would reject a transplant
  12. Is sometimes addiction a genetic predisposition?

In summary

Good biological research topics must add value to biological science knowledge. There are two scientific methods of writing biology research papers, that is, universal and individual methods. Following the proper structure will help you easily write a good research paper.

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